A Family Chiropractor that Works for Everyone

Musculoskeletal problems cause pain and discomfort for everyone, child and parent alike. Chiropractors are trained at manipulating the spine to alleviate pain and discomfort for misaligned vertebrae joints and other spinal issues that can cause anything from headaches and earaches to acute injuries and trauma. By choosing a gentle, dedicated, and experienced family chiropractor, your entire family can benefit from his or her care.


Chiropractic Care for Children

Research is still ongoing about the potential benefits of chiropractic care for infants and children. Some parents have found that some children can experience improved sleep and strengthened immune systems through chiropractic care. Even infants have shown signs of improvement for conditions like colic or digestive disorders. Still others have found that some children exhibit improvement in their asthma and mood disorders. Sometimes, birth defects may result in spinal misalignment, and a sensitive chiropractor can help improve your infant’s condition so he or she can enjoy a normal, healthy life. You should consult your primary care physician about the potential benefits and risks of taking your children to a chiropractor.


Chiropractic Care for Teenagers

Many active teens are prone to back pain. Sports injuries, carrying a heavy backpack, and careless posture can all contribute to back problems in young adults. Playing sports often results in uneven muscular development, particularly in activities like soccer or baseball where one side of the body may be more utilized than the other. Consistent chiropractic care can help detect problems and correct them before they become worse. Heavy backpacks and poor posture can also lead to spinal disc degeneration, and it’s important to realign the spine before it erodes the spongy, protective discs that shield the nerves. About ten percent of children and teens may suffer from degenerating spinal discs, which can erode unevenly and thus cause painful pressure on sensitive spinal nerves. In this sensitive period of growth, it’s important to care for our teen’s spinal health, especially since the spine has such an impact on the central nervous system. Some teens may shrug off back pain as “growing pains,” but when the growth plates have finished their work, it’s important to not mistake spinal pain for “growing pains.” It’s important to resolve this pain before it spreads or worsens.


Chiropractic Care for Adults and Seniors

Adults who work long hours at a desk or over a computer are at high risk for spinal problems and misalignment. The lack of lumbar support, the strain on the neck, the unconsciously hunched or tightened shoulders, can all cause neck and back pain that a chiropractor can help alleviate. Adults who have suffered acute injuries from car accidents, whiplash, straining muscles while moving heavy objects, and so on, could also benefit greatly from the gentle, noninvasive spinal manipulation at the hands of a experienced chiropractic physician. Many adults have found migraines, numbness, and tingling to be alleviated by chiropractic care. Seniors can also reap many benefits from experienced chiropractors. Many seniors find their range of motion to be increasingly limited; chiropractic adjustments can improve the range of motion in the spine as well as the limbs. Furthermore, spinal adjustments can correct problems with balance, coordination, and stability, all of which are necessary to preventing some of the most common ad fatal injuries among seniors: losing balance and falling. Talk to a professional family chiropractor today about addressing your entire family’s needs.

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