Facials, Creams, and Botox Turn Back the Clock

There are a lot of options for women and men who are concerned about the aging process, from anti-aging facials to specialized creams to Botox in Macomb, MI. There is no one right approach, and in fact, some treatment plans incorporate more than one tactic. For those interested in doing something proactive to fight the clock, knowing about the possibilities is the first step to seeing results. 


Facials, Microderm, and Peels, Oh My!

Some people may think a day at the spa is nothing but an indulgence, but these days it can be the front line of the war on aging. Skin treatments offered at your neighborhood beauty establishment have gotten serious over the past decade. Not only are there are intense facials featuring highly effective ingredients, but procedures once exclusive to the dermatologist’s office, such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels, can now be performed by qualified aestheticians. Though the chemical peels aren’t as strong as those performed by doctors, they are still potent and produce visible results.


The Power Is Yours

Facialists aren’t the only ones being endowed with the power to turn back the clock. Now anyone with the cash to pay for it can walk into the drugstore and buy a bit of time-reversal in a bottle. Products sold over the counter, such as wrinkle creams and chemical exfoliants, have become increasingly powerful over the years, and cosmetic researchers are making continual breakthroughs in the arena. Ingredients and formulations are always being tinkered with and tweaked to ensure maximum benefit to the user, and what used to be of questionable merit is now solidly and provably worth every penny.


The Doctor Is In

Sometimes topical treatments simply aren’t enough, and when they aren’t, a trip to a medical facility such as a dermatologist’s or plastic surgeon’s office is in order. Doctors have the training and ability to perform procedures that others can’t, such as injecting fillers and other cosmetic drugs like Botox in Macomb, MI. Fillers restore structure and fullness to areas that have become susceptible to the effects of gravity, such as smile lines. Some people will have them put in their lips to create the fullness that is so desired right now, while others will get them in their cheek area. Botox, on the other hand, doesn’t restore fullness, but instead treats wrinkles by slightly paralyzing the muscles responsible for creating the wrinkle in the first place, creating a smooth surface again. 

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